Rehearsal Guidelines

Just a few reminders to help make rehearsals more successful for all:

  • Please don’t talk during rehearsal, even if the director is rehearsing a group other than your own. Excessive talking slows us down and makes it hard to concentrate. Some of the advice given to other sections may apply to your part as well.
  • Remember to bring a pencil to mark your music with instructions – and please, no pen or highlighter. (The next person who receives your music may not sing your voice part.)
  • If you have a question, please do raise a hand and ask the director (not your neighbor). Don’t worry, the only silly question is the unasked question. Someone else may have the same question and it might benefit the whole choir to hear the answer.
  • If the director is addressing a section other than your own, it’s good to pay attention because a lot of what she’s telling one section will most likely affect you, too.
  • Please turn off or silence your personal electronics.
  • Please do try to be in your seat by 7:00 sharp, ready to warm up.
  • Please remember that some folks are very sensitive to perfumes and scents. Please don’t wear them to rehearsals or concerts (just a light touch of deodorant, please!) (See additional guidelines below)
  • Finally, if you know you will miss one or more rehearsals, please tell your section leader or the director. That way we know you’ll be coming back!

If we all follow these reminders, we can hold successful rehearsals and enjoy a great concert.

Fragrance Free Guidelines

Become a reader of labels…

Look for “Fragrance Free” on the label.

NOTE:  Unscented is not the same as Fragrance Free. Unscented products have a masking fragrance, which will be noted in the label.

No perfume, cologne or scented aftershave on rehearsal or performance nights.

No hair products, lotions, deodorants, etc., that have fragrance as one of the ingredients.

Make sure the clothes you’re wearing have not been spritzed with perfume at your last gala event.


ALMAY and CLINIQUE have an extensive line of fragrance-free cosmetics and beauty products, including deodorant (Almay).   Almay will be in your local drugstore, Clinique in the mall.


HAIRSPRAY: ABBA sells fragrance-free PURE FINISH SPRAY (used to be Zeroscent) in beauty supply stores and online.ALLERCREME also has a fragrance free hairspray.  See health-food store brands below, and check the links. Worst case, spring for Unscented hair spray.

Health food stores: MAGICK BOTANICALS shampoo, hair gel and hair spray, FREE AND CLEAR products and ALOE VERA 80 Styling Spray.  Face and body cleansers like KISS MY FACE fragrance-free soap and NUTRIBIOTIC Fragrance-Free Non-soap Skin Cleanser. TOM’S OF MAINE and JASON have fragrance-free natural deodorant.

Products that say “FOR SENSITIVE SKIN” are likely to be fragrance free.