Yuko Otaguro

Yuko OtaguroThe Sunnyvale Singers are the happy beneficiaries of Yuko Otaguro's excellence as a pianist and accompanist.

Yuko grew up in Yokosuka, Japan, where she began studying piano at age 6. She went to college in Tokyo, majoring in Asian History. After college, she continued her piano studies and spent five years as a member of the Kanagawa Piano Club, an amateur piano group. During this time she had the opportunity to accompany violin, flute, and cello players.

Yuko came to Sunnyvale in 2001 with her husband and two children (who all also play the piano!). Two years ago she began serving as an accompanist for local music students, one of whom was the daughter of a choir member. Happily, this led her to the Sunnyvale Singers in the Fall of 2009.


Past Accompanists:

Doug McGrath

Doug McGrath (left) played for the Sunnyvale Singers from 2003 until 2009, when he returned to be principal accompanist for the Silicon Valley Gay Men's Chorus.

Betty D'Angelo (right) was the Singers' accompanist since the group's inception in 1976 until her retirement in Spring 2002. We will always remember Betty's great talent and dedication to the choir. 

Betty Kettman D'Angelo

Shelly Catton accompanied the Singers for the 2002-2003 season.




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